Out In the Garden- RFL Home & Garden Post

 This post is going to take you back into my front yard, where I have placed down some more fantastic items from the Home & Garden Expo.
I surrounded the Wizard in the Garden statue by Closer to the Heart Creations, with flowers by Shabby. Also by Closer to the Heart Creations we have the gorgeous pink caged bougainvilela, and wooden flower box. These items are on sale for the duration of the event. Also shown in the pictures is another beautiful statue by Lunar Seasonal Designs, along with more from the sale talented designer. The great looking Multi Bird House is their Donation Item. Meaning that proceeds from the sale of this item go 100% to Relay for Life. Other items by Lunar Seasonal Designs (All exclusives) include,  animated, menu driven bird bath, basket of apples, a tiered planter of flowers, stacked pots of primroses, spring flowers flower bed, and a garden waterfall.
There is a very cute snail as well available as part of the hunt at the expo, by Nola’s Notions. Also seen in the pictures is a cat shaped fence by Dolome Designs. There is so much to see and do at the expo, you really need to come out and check it out. Something there for everyone, hunts, gacha, exclusives, sales, auctions, entertainment and presentations by some of the most talented designers in Second Life.



Closer to the Heart Creations
  Caged Bougainvilela – Pink
Wizard in the Garden – Pond
Wooden Flower Box

Lunar Seasonal Designs
Menu Driven Multi Bird House Donation Item
Lunar Season  Menu Driven Tiered Planter of Flowers Exclusive
Menu Driven and Animated Indigo Buntings Bird Bath Exclusive
Black Capped Chickadees Love All Apples Exclusive
Menu Driven Graceful Garden Globe with Vines Exclusive
Menu Driven Stacked Pots of Primroses Exclusive
Menu Driven Spring Flowers Flower Bed Exclusive
Menu Driven Flowering Garden Waterfall Exclusive


 Sweetheart Field

Dolome Designs

 CatShaped Collection Fence Dk Wood
Nola’s Notions
 RFL Expo Hunt Gift Snail
All items found at the RFL Home and Garden Expo











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