Another Living Room Look

Once again we are in the living room, because I have some more fantastic stuff to show you from the RFL Home & Garden Expo. For those lovers of gothic or purple out there, we have this beautiful couch and chair by Newchurch.  Also complimenting the look is flowers by the talented Kaerri, we have pink hydrangeas (which is a hunt gift), an orchid arrangement, and an orchid vase, such exquisite detail in each item. Then, speaking of detail we have the bird cage lamps by The Mustard Seed. The great ico lamp hanging from the ceiling and the kitchen chair, used as a decorative accent, are both designed by Maven Homes. Then we have another interesting chair, it would work as a hallway chair or pretty much anywhere, and that is the G.R.S. Chair by Bazar, which is a gift in the hunt. There’s a great polaroid hanging in the shape of a heart on the wall which Horntail designed, you can add your own pictures to it as well, also to hold your own pictures is the adorable frame by irries Dollhouse. And this beautiful mermaid picture has a shimmering movement to it and is a hunt gift made by Closer to the Heart Creations. The big comfy chair complete with a beautiful quilt, table and lamp, and the back to nature shelf on the wall are also creations by Closer to the Heart. And one more item in this post is out in the garage, some great shelves that could be used for storage, a workshop, even a store. These are creations by Dolome Designs. Hope you enjoyed this little tour, it’s far from over and I’ll show you some yummy goodies next time. Happy Shopping!




G.R.S. Chair
(Hunt gift)

The mustard seed 
bird cage floor chandelier- antique pink – Gacha Item

Dolome Designs 
Double Sided Display Shelf – RFL Copy /Mod
Shelf Display Unit – RFL – Copy/Mod

Etheria Chair, Relay
Etheria Sofa, Relay

Closer to the Heart 

H&G Expo Exclusive-Warm Hearts ( comfy chair with quilt)
Back to Nature Shelf`- on sale during the event
Life Art-Mermaid- H&G 2016 Hunt Gift

Irries Dollhouse 
Home Picture Frame

Maven Homes
Ico lamp
Wooden dining chair

Polaroid Parade [HeartCreative]- Gacha Item

RFL Orchid Arrangement
RFL Orchid Vase
RFL Pink Hydrangeas- Hunt Gift

All Above Items are available at the RFL Home & Garden Show, which helps to fund cancer research by the American Cancer Society.







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