Little Creatures Little Homes

More fantastic finds at Gacha Good‘s June Round, such as this great home for tinies. What may appear to be a normal log to the tall folks, is actually a very adorable home for a tiny being. There is also a tea set within to enjoy something good. The Bees Hide Away Log and Tea Set, by Mariposa Designs,  are sure to please those little ones hiding in your garden.
Both are available at this round of Gacha Good
Also at Gacha Good, we have these great birdhouses, this is only three of them, there are MANY that you could win! Here we show  .Birds of a Feather House D (Common)( Purple House shown in top picture), .Birds of a Feather House B (Uncommon) (Greenish yellow house shown below)and .Birds of a Feather House A (Rare), ( the blue house with cardinal) Designed by D & s Designs, these are also a great addition to your garden.
The soft trickling of water can be heard as your relax beside this lovely Arch Fountain by Celtic Wolf. At home in the garden, it can also be used inside on a side table or something for a calming effect on your environment. And yes, also available at Gacha Good, so look below for the taxi, and snag up some great stuff for yourself.
The June Round of Gacha Good’s shopping & gacha event has started.  Featuring 35 merchants with over 60 gachas for all your shopping needs.



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