Just In Time For Halloween

Beyond the Dark has a new Spirit Shop just in time for Halloween and there are some really fantastic finds there as I am going to show you.
Skull Under Glass?! — Ok Your Normal. Has animated spider that creeps over the skull on touch. Dresser and candles included. This also makes a great companion item to the next set that I’m going to show you.
Never Judge a Girl by her Skull Collection 6 different colors
Single and couple animations, 8 male, 8 female 16 couple. Skelton mirror screams when touch and mirror has animated liquid . Also includes the skelie dog and his pumpkins. Have your sound turned down when you touch that mirror! LOL
Not Your Grandma’s House Features potions & Spellbooks, Pin Doll and Broom. A coat rack with a raven that calls and cat that purrs and an animated portrait that screams on touch, Comes in 7 color choices. Again make sure your sound isn’t full blast when you touch the mirror, unless you are out to scare someone.
Numan Providence- Coventry Way features doormat with saying, brooms & hats, parasols & boots, and familiars that make noise when touched. Comes in 4 colors. I love this set up, could be a great entry for a witches academy, school of witching, etc.

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