Don’t Make Me Get Out Of This Chair


While sitting in my favorite chair, some little zombie looking character kept dragging his foot and coming towards me. I do not know how many times I told him “Don’t make me get out of this chair” but he kept insisting and getting closer and closer. I growled deep at him and wow did he ever take off in a hurry. This allowed me to settle back down and relax a bit. I will admit I chuckled and gave a smirk when I seen him leaving a trail of dust behind.

This scene is a creation called, “Don’t Make Me Get Out Of This Chair”,  by The Happy Hat for the Scissor Happy Halloween Hunt 3 which starts October 1 and runs until the 31st. A great corner decoration sure to get reactions. Also great for roleplay sims, themed sims or stores decorating for the season. And the best part is only $1L!  See more information here on their blog.



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