Lap Dogs?

These dreadful spiders have spun webbing all over my favorite chair. I appreciate that they are trying to keep the rodent population down, but this is a bit extreme. And they both seem to think they are big lap dogs. Starved for attention, not sure what I am going to do with them. They need something or someone to play with, I may have to go hunting tonight. Perhaps Dags and Moony would have some ideas on a victim. I just hope they don’t ruin my new dress I have on.

It’s a beautiful dress called Dark Spiders by Crazy Pastry Designs. And I even have matching shoes! I got them at the I ❤ the Cart’s Oh the Horror Cart Sale and Hunt. Open now until October 31st. Some of the most famous monsters are residing about the sale, it’s worth a trip over to get those autographs, if you can live long enough to do so. So back to the dress. The dress is the 10L gift (each of the vendors has one), and the shoes are the hunt item which will cost only $2L!

Vengeful Threads made the spooky Widow Maker Face Tats that I am wearing. They come with appliers for Catwa & Omega and are on sale as well at the Oh the Horror Cart Sale and Hunt.

Vengeful Threads also created the Batwing Nose ring that I have on, it’s a hunt prize at the cart sale.


Simple (Now Whisper) created these great SpiderWeb Eyes that went along so well with the look, I just had to use them. They come with a texture change hud for mesh eyes in 9 colors.

7 Deadly s[K]ins has a new group gift out and this time it’s a fantasy skin. KLAASJE has gone drow and is free to all the VIP members. And until October 6th, the VIP group is FREE to join and all the past hunt gifts are FREE as well. It comes with two system skins as well as appliers for Catwa, LAQ and AK heads. The new tone is called Dust. You also get cleavage and no cleavage options. Included are appliers for Slink hands/feet and several bodies as well. All the Major Body appliers are available in store at 7 Deadly s{K}ins for Maitreya, Belleza, Omega Appliers, Slink, TMP, Banned Lena etc….

The hair that I am wearing is one by Alice Project called Alison and is a previous Halloween Edition.

Vengeful Threads also created these fantastic Halloween Edition Nails for Slink & Omega. They are the 10L gift at the Oh the Horror Cart Sale and Hunt. The hud includes 3 textures, which you can mix and match if you like.

The poses and props used in this post are the Spider Bit Exclusive Gacha collection by Something New for Gacha Good’s The Madhouse from Oct 8-30th



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