My Puddin

Collaboration with Gwen Gudkov
Gwen dressed at Harley and Aerlinniel as Joker
Write up by Gwen, Pictures by Aerlinniel
Seems like we can’t get a break for the two of us. People are always messin with puddin. All we want to do is cause a small amount of trouble and be in each others arms. Why oh why won’t they let us be?
Poses and Props
Something New~ Zombie Kiss – Pose Hop Exclusive Oct 10-30
Something Erotic~ Will You Spank Me 50% Off Limited Time
Harley Quinn Complete Avatar
Get your suicide on with Harley Quinn from IMMORTALS Avatars. This complete avatar comes with the shape, skin, make-up, clothing, bat, shoes basically everything except the hair and nails. This one fits so well. Perfect for Halloween or for every night time adventure you seek.
 Joker SS Complete Avatar by IMMORTALS Avatars
Includes outfits,tattoos, skin, shape, guns with holsters.
DIVINE ~ Joker Hair in Green
The most life like HQ hair out there today. So well done it matches the original perfectly. Let your inner Harley out with this hairstyle. Found in the HQ outfit by +Facepalm+

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