SWARM OF DECOR 3 (First Week In)

SWARM OF DECOR 3 (First Week In)

The 3rd annual Swarm of Decor Hunt opened with a bang of creativity.  Twenty designers, twenty plus gifts in home & garden decor for only $7L. SOD3 will run until 12 midnight slt, October 24.  Come out & grab some great wares and do not forget to vote on the best hunt gift. Below is the full hunt listing with hints. For pictures visit https://4stores2behunted.wordpress.com/


  1. 1. Whimsical Happenings (2 gifts)

Hint: Find me under a tree

Hint: Singing..Then we’ll be happy in that land where no cabins fall


  1. StoraxTree

Hint: Look near the hunt poster


  1. Blade & Rain

Hint: Don’t sit on me!


  1. Dragon Magick Wares

Hint: Got enough clutter there?


  1. Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop

Hint: I’m easy to find between the group’s gifts!


  1. De Baza

Hint: Please use hint giver by store landing

 Ghostly Fireplace


  1. Elysium

Hint: I am from Africa – raaawwwrrrrr


  1. Myth

Hint: Twinkle twinkle little star….

Pumpkin Pouf – Halloween & Pumpkin


  1. PS! Perfect Seduction

Hint: There are always so many sales during the Holidays!

Happy Halloween Deco


  1. Hatter ‘n Hell (5 gifts)

Hint: Trying to hide out in black & white

(same hint for all gift locations)

Autumn Leaves Alphabet


  1. Fairey Angel Creations

Hint: I can be found lion around


  1. Tantalum Jewelry

Hint: I killed your plant so I’m not afraid to kill you!


  1. The Artist Shed

Hint: Hunting makes me tired, I’m going to nap in this pillow pile


  1. Palette

Hint: Watch out for spilled paint

 Hallows Eve Fabric
 Hallows Eve Fabric


  1. Laynieland

Hint: In the lowest yard, look all around, Or your prize will not be found. Goblins,Ghouls and Ghastly Ghosts


  1. Purple Moon Seasonal Decorations

Hint: Did you saw the Green kittens?


  1. Halloween Delights

Hint: Where did I put my hat?

Happy Halloween Chalkboard


  1. Sour Pickles

Hint: Check Hint Giver


  1. [QE] Designs

Hint: Kick back and take a seat amongst the stars


  1. Loordes of London

Hint: By the bargains

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