Memories of the Cottage

It isn’t huge, but it isn’t tiny either. A home with just the right amount of space for Gwennie and I, I love this place and just had to make it a special getaway for us. Sass Buildz made this absolutely fantastic cottage for Twe12ve’s Memories Round. November 12-30th. I decorated inside with even more stuff from the event. This is a great home for those who don’t need a huge place and would like to just have a place to call their own. Complete with a porch and loft, sliding barn style doors and a barn shape it is charming.

The fireplace and accessories seen below are all part of a Fireplace Gacha Set by {:;EARTHWORX.:}. Each piece a prize to be won in the gacha at Twe12ve. You have the fireplacce itself, love frame, heart frame, champagne with glasses, trunk to sit on rug and sitting pillows.

Myth created this fantastic Grandfather Clock which actually keeps time and has moving parts. It’s a fantastic addition to any home. Also available at Twe12ve

Myth also created the Memories Sets 1& 2. Each set contains two wall decorations made of wood, complete with backshadow for a realistic affect. They are truly charming with great sayings about memories. These can be found at Twe12ve as well.

Also shown below is the Remember the Memories Box Set and the Remember the Memories Bench Twe12ve by The Artist Shed. With frames that you can place pictures of your own memories in, it’s a fantastic item for your decor.

{:;EARTHWORX.:} also created the Blue Rustic Memories bed shown below. This comes with a texture change hud for the quilt, animations and looks great in the cottage. And yes, it is at Twe12ve.


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