While cleaning up and sorting through a few boxes, I came across one with some items from back when Gwen and I were first dating. Picking up a picture taken of us at a club, I couldn’t help but smile at the great memories.

The Memories pose was created by .:Joplino:. as an exclusive  for Twe12ve- Memories event. Happening Nov 12-30th.

Also for Twe12ve- Memories is the lovely Winter Sparkle Gold top by  SEVYN EAST  which includes the great necklace in silver or gold, as shown above, and earmuffs. Comes in mesh body sizes

 Vengeful Threads created the gorgeous Memories of Autumn makeup and eyes for  Catwa & Omega as an exclusive at Twe12ve- Memories

 pr!tty created the lovely Helena which is on sale now at The Forest. Each month, you have the option of joining the Forest group for a fee and receiving ALL of the items presented at the event!

The beautiful skin I am wearing is Enya in Apricot by 7 Deadly s{K}ins. This is an Omega face applier based skin based on the Catwa heads. This box contains 16 skin tones in 8 tones and two skin variations. Also included are Slink hands/feet, Tango boob and Maitreya Body appliers! She will be coming soon to an event, so be sure to visit the main store and join the VIP group to know when and where.  All the Major Body appliers are available in store at 7 Deadly s{K}ins for Maitreya, Belleza, Omega Appliers, Slink, TMP, Banned Lena etc….

 Vengeful Threads created the great nails that I am wearing. These are Galore Hearts for Omega and Slink. With 10 colors on the texture hud, you can match these up to just about any outfit.




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