DIY Decorating

In an older part of the house, we decided we would like to decorate with upcycled materials, such as pallets and stuff. And after several failed attempts, we had to admit defeat and call in some help. Luckily, there was a very talented bunch of designers to be found at The Old Fair May 4-25.

 Candy Crunchers created the fantastic Foyo Gacha Set which includes such prizes as the Futon chair, Futon couch (rare), Blocks decor, Frames, Ladder, Shelf, and Table. The furniture had the great rustic pallet look to it we were seeking to add to the charm of our older room. We were even tickled to find some great exclusive wall art by Nevrose. The Tomb Heart Text comes in several versions, brown, dark, white, gold, magic, pink and silver. It was difficult at first to decide, but we finally settled upon the brown and are quite please on how it blended into the rest of the decor.

Another great item found at The Old Fair , that added some great accents to our decor were the Nostalgia vintage plates by Bliensen + MaiTai with 3 versions included. We placed these strategically on the pallet table and were much pleased with the results.

And for a final whimsical touch, we added this great [ID] hollywood star by deviant & bizarre which is can be personalized to include your own name! Another great item you can find at The Old Fair May 4-25



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