It’s All Coming Up Blooms!



I’d like to show you another fantastic bunch of decor items available at Twe12ve’s Bloom Round May 12-31 There is so much to be found at this event, including the fashions, gacha collections and of course these great items to decorate our homes and gardens with such as the lovely Bloom Collection by Sass Buildz. This collection includes a wall shelf, tapestry, artwork and rugs.

Heading outside, we have some more wonderful items to enjoy. Such as the Serenity Sweing with Lighting by Earthworx. This fantastic piece of outdoor decor includes a 4 texture change Hud and animations which include singles, couples cuddles and adult, sits and even some BDSM. It is 23Li so wont take up much of your prim allowance and is just a great item to add to that summery feel in the upcoming months. Another fantastic exclusive at Twe12ve’s Bloom Round

Another really cute decor item at Twe12ve’s Bloom Round , which could be used indoors or outdoors, is the Bloom Treewood gacha collection by MOoH! . There are 7 commons and 2 rares to be won, each come with and without shadows and 2-3Li each. They are only 50L/Play and will be a great addition to your home.



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