It’s So Vogue

 The Home and Garden Expo is open! Read the information below, and check out their blog HERE
The Home and Garden Expo
raises money for Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL). Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society’s signature fundraising event, and RFL of SL is one of its virtual counterparts. You can find more information about RFL of SL at
Expo exhibitors are required to have two 100% donation items at the Expo. These items must be new and exclusive to the Expo for the duration of the event.
100% of registration fees, sponsorship fees and donation items are paid to Relay For Life of Second Life. 50% of the proceeds from the gachas will be paid to RFL and 100% of the 10L hunt items.
Let’s start off with the gachas! Huntress Inc. made some really cute gacha cuties, such as the Mushies shown here. The Rare Tie Dye and Purple collectables are just one of many to be won. Also to be won are the adorable Limited Edition Bears, such as the Air Captain which is also another gacha item to be won. You can find these delightful items in the RFL Home & Garden Expo’s Gacha area on Hope 5
Another Gacha item at the Home & Garden Expo is this adorable Griffin by  Neon Deer which can also be found over at the RFL Home & Garden Expo’s Gacha area on Hope 5. You can also check out their shop at the expo HERE
 Only a small part of the Vogue Bedroom set by Fantastic Furniture,  this Lounge and wall art compliment the bed and other artwork seen in the top picture of this post. In sophisticated blacks and whites, it also includes side tables and the big trunk.By the whole set and save 10% at their Home & Garden Expo shop HERE

– Destrier by Design – created some RFL Donation items for us as well. This realistic Pencil Pot Set comes with a pencil, pot and eraser. You can add your own picture to this pot for a great look on your desk. – They also have created this great Sci-Fi Control Panel Tablet which makes another great decor item for a realistic touch to your office, home or roleplay theme. They also have a lot of fantastic items on sale for the Water Horse avatar. You can find their Home and Garden Expo store HERE

Simple Reflections has the lovely Breakfast Bistro Set on sale for the Home & Garden Expo. It comes with two chairs, table, and lovely centerpiece containing lilacs. Their Expo store can be found HERE
Texture Me True has some fantastic new textures for us at the Home & Garden Expo as well. All of these great texture are displayed on these great clothing example mannequins for us. Shown are the following:
Bouquet clothing example
fine suiting clothing example
 Spring Time in Japan DK clothing example
 Soaking up the sun clothing example
 wool striped suiting clothing example
Soak up the sun clothing example
Their Expo Store can be found HERE

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