YouTube in Bed

There is a fantastic new bedroom set out on the grid! Created by Fantastic Furniture. This YouTube – Web Browser TV Bedroom has a bunch of great features that you can relax and enjoy alone or with a loved one.

First is the YouTube – Web Browser TV Bed – Black Leather with a land impact of 1Li. It comes with a pop up YouTube/Web Browser TV and Texture Change Menu with 18 Modern Textures. It also includes 13 Single Poses including phone, diary, sit and sleep, as well as 9 Couple poses, including breakfast, laptop, read,watch TV, coffee, cuddle,smoke etc.

Also part of this collection and can be purchased separately is the City Tripod Light in Gold with a land impact of 3. This comes with a touch menu to turn on or off the light.

Next there is the Storage Nightstand with a land impact of 2. And to finish off this great look is the Modern Fern Plant with a Gold pot. This comes with a resizer so you can fit it to your desire. It has a land impact of 2.

Now each of these items are available separately at the store, but if you purchase the complete bedroom set you can save 10% !

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