Guest Room

Got the guest room set up at the apartment and I must say it looks great! Thanks so some very talented designers who are participating in the Around the Grid in 80 Days Hunt 5 July 13-Sept 30

Love Everlasting Plantpets created the beautiful Garden Splendor Bed. This comes with Single and Cuddles animations, is made of mesh and prim and has 8Li. An exclusive item in the hunt, you can find it for 1L or simply pick it up at the hunt sign for 25L!

[Park Place] created this magnificent Old World Map Easy Chair & Ottoman with M/F single animations. ~Insanity’s Own~ created the great conversational piece, Hologram Earth which comes with a Rotating hovering earth which is texture animated, and a Holo base

Weiser Furniture and More has 4 hunt items! The unique Hanging Fireplace comes with texture change to black, granite, or wood and on/off touch menu for the flames. The Making Music and Love adds a bit of groove to the room, while the Modern hanging lamp ( on and off by touch) and Brazillian Wood Picture Screen Stained Glass Inserts add their finishing touches.

Low Prim Living designed the nautical Seaside Escape Mirror Set. This is a combined mesh and sculpty build. The lighthouse is made of sculpty and all the rest of the set are mesh. Texture changeable block wall with access control 5Li is also comes with a rezzer for easy set up. And yes, another item in the hunt.

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