Seaside Lunch


A wonderful sim has opened their doors to the public for a limited time and I decided to head over to their very well spoken of diner for a bit of lunch before heading over to the water to swim for a bit. It was such a beautiful and peaceful place and I look forward to visiting Lost Sanctuary again sometime.

 7 Deadly s[K]ins presents us with the lovely Lavender skin. An Omega based skin with their amazing Omega face/body appliers in one. Two different skin boxes  to choose from (dark/tanned or pale/light),  each with 5 Omega face/body appliers in different skin tones. Worn here in the caramel tone with the Logo Chloe mesh head and Maitreya body.

Sn@tch has a new VIP Gift out for July! Celebrating 10 years in Second Life, they  have a fantastic photo album also included. I had to giggle some at older pictures, remembering those times. Also in the gift package is the great  Moontan Bikini & even Moonstar Hair (Naturals).  The Moontan Bikini comes in 5 Gothic Patterns & 15 mesh sizes, and the Moonstar Hair includes an optional cute black floppy hat to keep the rays off! This can be found in the VIP lounge area at the store.

Sn@tch also has this really pretty system layer Pastel Koi Tattoo with Omega applier exclusively on sale at Applique July 15- August 7.

Sn@tch Slick Lips Ultragloss Lipsticks is one of this week’s Snatch and Grab items with  24 colors Omega applier and system tattoo layers.

Verocity is the creator of the Ashley Pose Set used in this post. The set includes 6 static poses + mirrors


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