SL Christmas Expo Opens

Today, December 1st, the 2017 SL Christmas Expo opened and will run through Sunday, December 10th. ! Shopping, Entertainment & More in support of the Relay For Life of Second Life.  More than 70 merchants spread out over 4 regions will offer shopping for Fashion, Home & Garden, Breedables and more. Forty-five live performances, DJ & Live Radio shows, Dance Troupes and Tribute shows will provide nearly 70 hours of entertainment to shoppers. Gotyas, raffles and contests will round out this year’s offerings at SL’s Premier Holiday shopping event.
The theme is “HOLIDAY WINDOWS” and merchants will be decorating their shoppe windows as part of the Holiday Window Contest, so be sure to come out and vote for your favorite! There will be sleigh rides, ice skating, a Christmas tree lot and a Snowman building contest.
I paid a visit and took a few pictures of this great event for you, there is so much to see, that I couldn’t even make it to everything in one day, but be sure to check out the pictures and go take some of your own. There are plenty of spots for some great photos to be taken.
A great ice skating rink with benches you can relax in and watch the skaters while taking a shopping break.
Snowman building contest is just one of the many contests you can participate in or even just come out and watch and cheer on your favorite
Breedable auctions and booths, come out and get your special editions and help support the cause.
Vote for your favorite store window display, I took pictures of a few of them but there are many to see and all are amazing.

Gachas galore to keep you busy playing for your favorite piece or collection.
You can even visit with Santa!
Beautiful scenery to take snapshots and just enjoy
So much to see, you just have to come out and enjoy all there is to be had.
Even the snowpeople are getting a bit frisky! Not sure what Mr Snowman did but he better run fast!
Looks like these snowmen had a bit of a sledding accident.
Lots of shopping to be had, exclusives, hunt items, etc. You can walk around or even take a sleigh.
These horses chose to walk around and show off their holiday finery


For more information visit

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