Love Letters

I left a love letter out on the table written to my honey. I wonder if she will find it hidden in our extra room at the house. I decorated a little as well with some great stuff from the Sealed With a Kiss Hunt Feb 1-28

Park Place designed the Sealed With a Kiss Ottoman &Table. The Ottoman has adjustable single and couple animations. They also included a Vase of Pink Tulips which can be resized so it can be a floor vase or shrunk to sit on the table as shown

This Romantic Frame Set is a creation by Dreamscapes Art Gallery. There are 2 Romantic Frames included in the prize, Mr& Mrs and XOXOX

This Menu Driven Hearty Cabinet With Drawer Stuff is a creation from Lunar Seasonal Designs, It includes a touch menu with several different color choices for each part, and the drawers open and close.

Pictures taken using Satomi’s 2017 Calm City Skyline windlight

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