It’s a Pug Life

I began work on a new gamer room at the house, using vibrant colors and whimsical furniture. But, then the pugs came into the room, demanding to be fed. I swear, these two eat as much as a herd of great danes!
 7 Deadly s[K]ins created the lovely skin, Perla. She comes in your choice of two skin packs, lights or darks. Above, I took pictures of the Light skin box tones for you. This is an Omega applier for both body AND face together, and includes 7 skin tones with and without eyebrows. It’s an exclusive at the Hipster Fair Feb 17- March 3
 Shown in the picture below is the other skin tone to the 7 Deadly s{K}ins Perle light tone collection, Apricot.
The shape worn is another great exclusive at the Hipster Fair . The Jinx shape for Catwa’s mesh head Catya, by Just for F***. This comes with a mod/copy shape. eyebrow shaper and styling card.
-QueenLuv- designed the Overall in Plaid Purple shown here. It is also available in 3 other patterns. It comes in sizes for Belleza, Slink, Tonic, standard fitmesh, TMP, Maitreya, and Ocacin.  Also by QueenLuv are the Purple Extra High Platform mesh boots shown. These also are available in pink. Both of these are exclusives as well at the Hipster Fair .
.::LUNA::. Body Art also created an exclusive for the Hipster Fair . These Hipster nails will be on sale for the special price of 75L, after that will be 150L in the mainstore. They include appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Tuty and Vista.

The poses used in this post are part of the Pug Life pose and prop set by Fashiowl. This set comes with 8 bento doggie props with poses and also holdable props. It is another of their exclusives at Tres Chic Feb 17- March 5

Venge  created some amazing Catwa Spectrum Lipstick which includes 20 different shades. It is only $99L for a limited time at Applique Feb 15- March 7.
!!Firelight!! designed the Aida hair. She is bangless and parted on one side, and is very straight and shiny. Aida is part of Firelight’s Gen2 Collection. Each hair has a hud with 12 colors (except darks which has 18) in each of two effects: wispy/natural or rich/full. Color sets are: Black&White, Blonds, Browns, Darks, Essentials, FantasyColors, Pastels, Reds, and a fatpack is also available. There is also a color wheel so you can tint to your liking. It is on sale at Dazzle Feb 1 – 25.
Lots of goodies from The Little Bat in the picture. I am wearing the Tristar Dermals. These come with a chest tattoo and 16 metal color hud. They are resize scripted with on/off shadow option. An exclusive to be found at Bodyfy Feb 8-24. 
There is also the Heart Necklace which I am wearing. It is unrigged mesh, resize scripted and includes a hud containing 24 words and 12 heart colors. You also have the option of turning the words off. This is a prize in the XOXO hunt Feb 9-18. You can find more information out about this hunt here:
One more item I am wearing by The Little Bat is the Heart Headchain. This is unrigged, texture hud with 24 words, no word option and 12 heart colors. This is on sale at the Fetish Fair Feb 3-17
Zombie Suicide also has some great new releases. The Triple The Love Rings come with 8 color options per heart, they are unrigged mesh and copy/mod. Also a prize in the XOXO hunt.
The eyes I am wearing are from the Lynn Catwa Eyes gacha. I have on the purple ones. There are 6 commons and 3 rare eyes, 4 common necklaces and 2 rares, 5 common mouth stones and 3 rares.This gacha can be played via hud by Pocket Gacha.
MunSpain Furniture created this cute and funky furniture for the Hipster Fair . Shown we have the Coffee Floppy Disk Table, which comes in Purple, Blue, and Pink. The Flated Beanbag Puff in Galaxy Green, Galaxy Purple, Dreams, Jean and even Little Cats all with 7 animations. And the Tetriz Couch in Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, and also single chairs.
%Percent created the Heart Frame that I have hanging up on the wall. This is and older item of theirs.
Pictures taken with the CalWL windlight

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