Before the Show

Before the show, there’s a lot of preparation that takes place, makeup, wardrobe changes and checks, hair, you name it. So, it is always good to have a well stocked and ready vanity at your disposal and a rack to hang those clothes to be used in the show for quick access.

Thanks to CIRCA, we have just the right stuff to use. The new “Glam Hollywood” Vanity Collection is an exclusive at Swank. In the collection there are 2 vanity table/seat color sets, a clothing roller rack and curtain sets to match. The vanity table comes with all kinds of small beauty sets to cover your table, matching mirror, and seat with texture change options.  The seats come with 36 beauty & sit animations, including auto hand props to match the beauty animations when used.  One vanity seat is in classic patterns & colors, the alternative version available is made with shell patterns in mermaid colors. During the event, the items are discounted 50% off.

There is an extra vanity seat as well that is a group gift (shown below in purple). This comes with extra texture patterns and can be found in the main store along with their other great gift exclusives.

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