Sounds of Rock

Such a beautiful morning, I was awoken to what sounded like talking. But, when I wandered outside with cup of coffee in hand, I saw nobody around but a bunch of rocks. Hmmm I wonder.

These beautiful trees were created by Little Branch with the amazing attention to details they are known for.

Shown on the left is the Flowering Dogwood. This is animated with realistic moving leaves, and also includes a 4 season texture change menu so you can enjoy year round. It is also copiable so you can make an entire grove of them if you prefer. This is an exclusive at  The Chapter Four April 4-30.

The tree to the right is the Black Olive Tree. This is also animated and includes a 4 season texture change menu. Copiable as well so you can enjoy as many as you would like. This is an exclusive at FaMeSHeD April 1-27.

Also shown are items available at their main store. The Grass.V4 and Snakeweed are both animated as well. The Hill-v1 adds to the look and can be utilized in many ways. These also come in different seasonal versions.

Lilith’s Den created the Head Stones which are a great addition. These include an ambient sound box with Day / Night randomized sound matching the Heads.

Satomi’s 2016 Azure Beach windlight used



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