Give Them Cake


Mmm such a great bounty of sweets to greet us as we went to visit our *coughs* aging parents. They are really into that retro stuff and well, it is sort of growing on me as well. I mean, look at this stuff! It’s great! They just don’t make stuff like that anymore.

The Twisted Sockdolanger RFL Sale Event and Mini Hunt runs June 1-30 and the items above are just a piece of the pie!

Simply Designed created the oh so yummy items on the table, starting with the  The Red Lady and the My Lady’s Delight. When touched these cake/cupcake towers will give you a cupcake to wear that has eating animations. These will be on on sale for $150L with proceeds going to the Relay for Life. Also shown are the Champagne candle lilac and lilac Champagne petit fours. They are a set and are sold as a set for only $75L. When you touch the petit fours it will give you one to wear with eating animations. two other versions are available. Another great sale item at the event. Also, they have some great hunt items. The jar of lights and jar of lights pink for some light during those dark times.

Gothic Desires created the Art Deco style chairs also on sale at the event. They come in metal or wood and include several animations, solo and couple from PG, Role-Play to Adult.They also have a gacha with Retro signs, no rares in this collection but so many fantastic signs to win!

Also Shown is the Verve Coffee Table by Dictatorshop for the Illuminate event May 18-June 8. The Verve Coffee Table comes in two varieties (sold separately) to allow you to pick just what you need. 8 wood texture change.The PG version includes 60 Quality animations for Solo Female Sits/Lounges/Dances. Solo Male Sits/ Lounges/ Dances- single sitter only. The Adult Vanilla version includes  120 Quality animations for Solo Female, Solo Male, and Couples.

Taken using Satomi’s 2017 Full Moon windlight

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