Queens Chambers

Because of the horrible stress caused by lifting her septer and ordering heads to be chopped off, it was decided that the queen needed her own special place to chill. Of course, nobody would mention it was for THEM to get a break from her Highness.

The Little Bat is at The Darkness Chamber Fair’s Gothic in Wonderland event June 2-23 with a great gacha collection of Wonderland Rugs. This collection consists of 28 commons and 1 rare fatpack to be won. They are modifiable so you can make them bigger if you’d like as well.

*lunacy* created the fantastic Hanging Pocket Watch collection. This pack includes 2 different styles, (1 open and 1 closed with jam), 3 versions, (1 rotating, 1 still and 1 with curved chain),
and 3 different chain lengths. This is also another amazing exclusive at the event.

We also have the lovely Dark Wonderland Pouffe with 9 single sits, by Beauty of Darkness for the event. It is copiable so you can set some out for your friends as well.
Third Moon Creations made the Romantic Wine Table,which is a great decor item and also available at Dark Wonderland.

Satomi’s 2017 PHOTO CUBE Warm Shadows windlight used for the pictures

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