The Speakeasy

Such a great spot hidden in the basement of the neighbor’s home, concealed from the authorities who are out and about seeking those who break the law. Prohibition didn’t stop this place from thriving, even a bathtub was used as a cooler for the gin.

You can find the fantastic items shown in the picture above exclusively at Twisted Sockdolanger RFL event and mini hunt June 1-30

Gothic Desires created the signs seen on the walls as part of their Party Plaque Gacha collection. All of these signs are commons and there are many to be won.

Love Everlasting Plantpets created this great Speakeasy Bar. This includes 8 wine bottles, animated bar, bar stools which are copiable and contain some great sitting animations. There is also a gacha collection of Crystal Decanters which are 1 prim a piece. These include Decanter- Glass giver with animated glass of liquor and 2 display glasses. 9 different colored decanters to be won. Also at the event, they have out the beautiful Lilac Vase as a prize in the mini hunt.

by Page Creations designed the Bonifide Bathtub Gin to keep everything cool, some great Art Deco items, including the Disc Lamp and Table Lamps in Dark Silver and the Squared Clock in Bronze. They also have a hunt item out which is the Bonified Gin Martini Tray.

Satomi’s 2017 Realistic Cold Evenings Windlight used

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