The Grand Opening Party

 It was the party of the year! All of the town’s citizens had been invited to celebrate the grand re-opening of the Arkham Sanitarium. A place where their loved ones with special peculiarities could get the very best care with Nurse Ratchet, Doctor Payne, and the special needs surgeon, Doctor Butcher. Oh it was going to be fantastic! But, no matter how much they had hoped, the sun wasn’t to come out that day, rather, a brown haze covered the air, and fog drifted over the ground, reaching it’s ghostly fingers towards those who dared to show up. There was even a ghostly visage of the Founder’s face as he looked upon the gathering, insisting each take a shower before joining the rest, a strange quirk of his..that reached out from beyond the grave.
 LoveFest opens tomorrow and wow are we excited! There are so many things to do and see! Special entertainment, readings, parties, shopping, exclusives, even a hunt! LoveFest 2018: A Path to Madness runs from August 17 -26. Strange things are going to be afoot during this week, come join us for the fun..if you dare… Once the festival opens tommorrow evening, check back on this blog or on the Event’s Blog for location.
Simply Shelby exclusives for LoveFest 2018: A Path to Madness
#1 – Rock Horror Pond (includes rotating fish and fog)
#2 – Rocky Horrors These 3 fellows have glowing faces and watch all you do!
#3 – Enchanted Outdoor Shower – PG With animations for a proper shower per the Founder’s orders
 #4- Dia de los Meurtos Bench with/without flowers options. A place to rest once your feet get sore from all the dancing.
#5 – LoveCraft Silhouette. Spooky…the Founder himself looks over the party, making sure all the rules are obeyed..
#6 –  Dia De Los Meurtos Lanterns in aqua or purple(with or without flowers options). Because murky doesn’t even begin to describe how the skies look right now.
#7 – LoveCraft Party Gacha. Necessary items to throw a righteous par-tay! This gacha collection includes,  4 Rare Horror cakes with moving eyes, 3 common party hats, 2 Cthulhu cookies, 2 drink trays, 3 table decor, and 4 party tables all in various colors.
Jay BattleScars 8.0 – Industrial windlight used

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