Altered Reality

 I had come home from the fair to find some changes had occured in our home. It looked like our daughter, Moony had moved in with all the tentacles on the loose. But, the most disturbing thing was the creatures, yes…creatures inhabiting the bedroom! Especially one very big fat ummm thing..on the bed. I stood there, wondering what to do about this when I heard a loud sound from the bathroom, hurtring in there I found even more tentacles and some very eerie looking furniture.  What was happening?!! Deciding to consult my library for a clue, I made my way downstairs to the study, only..the study appeared to look more like a captains room on a ship, was that a shark that just swam past my window?!! Oh my head, was I hallucinating, perhaps I had some strange form of dementia. I better make an appointment to be seen and soon.

 Shopping List 

#1- Tentacle Legs Side Table -This great table features tentacles as the supports. It comes with a 6 texture menu for the top and base, 11 colors for the tentaccles and 8 for the suckers.

#2 – Tentacle Bed Bento in Adult or PG version. The Adult version has been animated with 2 slow dancers, 12 couples bento cuddles + sequences, 17 bento multispeed adult + sequence, 4 male and 4 female bento singles + sequence. It also includes a texture change menu with 6 colors of bed covers, 11 colors of tentacles and 8 colors of suckers. The PG version has the same features except for the 17 bento multispeed adult + sequence.
#3- Tentacle Chair bento singles has been animated with 6 male and 6 female bento single sits. The upholstery has a tentacle theme. There is a texture change menu with 6 colors for the upholstery, 11 colors for the tentacles, and 8 colors for the suckers.

#4- Tentacle fireplace with coral decor features tentacle supports and a large coral display on the mantle. There is a texture change menu for the tentacles with 11 colors and 8 for the suckers. The flames have an on/off by touch menu.
#1 – Bear v1.7 (this is the creature on the bed) A weird, animated mesh pet with a few avatar animations programmed for hugging or walking.  It also makes an amusing avatar.

#2~ Home Sweet Home ~Gacha Item – This is an exclusive that will only be found at the event. This sports some type of creatures invading a human skull.

#3~ Fritz is an exclusive gift. This is a weird, animated prop or follower.

#4 ~ Pill ~ 1.13 RARE Gacha item –  A weird, animated wearable, prop, or wandering bug.

#5 ~ 2018 Lovecraft Festival ~  Balloon Dispenser

#6~ Isopod ~ Mean Exclusive color. A weird, animated wearable, prop, wandering critter, avatar, or hug-able pet with multiple poses, avatar animations and features. The exclusive color will only be sold at the event and no where else.

#7 – Eyes of Azathoth ~ This is a hunt item and exclusive for the event as well.
 #1 – Slug Lounger Exclusive includes 10  sit animations an exclusive for the event.

#2 – LoveGacha 2018 This gacha collection includes 4 rares and 5 commons.

a. SlugTable common

b. – Nornes Wall Decoration Rare
c.- LoveFish Wall Decoration Rare

d. – Pile of Nornes – Rare

Simply Shelby
Lovecraft Cthulhu Tub. This is a PG version tub with male/female animations and cuddles sequences.

Beyond the Dark
A captain’s memoirs: Legend full set Limited Edition, includes bulkhead lamps and animated portal window, cabinet and side table with props, and chair with m/f animations. Touch the cigar tip for smoke and the lamp for flame. These will not return to store as full sets! Full sets only ones that come with bulkhead lamps and portal window.
LoveFest 2018 Poster revised.png

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