A Quiet Study


Time to settle back with a great book and read in the twilight of this quiet corner of the house.

Shopping List

Zombie Suicide – Succulents gacha consists of 5 rares and 21 common prizes to be won. Also, for every 20 plays get pile of succulents with bento hold.

Salacity – The Abigail Modern Wooden Chair is a one-piece wooden chair, steamed and molded into a cozy and comfortable curve. It comes with 8 different wooden finishes, and has a nice collection of solo PG animations as well.
A perfect match for the chair is their Abigail Modern Table, featuring the same 8 types/finishes of wood in a molded magazine table. The base also has 7 different metals. Both items are just 2 prims LI. And, both are exclusively available at the Blueprint event October 18th through November 10. The aqua color scheme Laura rug is a event group gift and is a great compliment to this decor.

The Plastik–  Rashka Candleholders are 100% custom mesh, with several colors of candle holders included as well as texture change hud for the candles.
Also by The Plastik are the Aulaie Mirrors. There are several different versions you can purchase seperately or as a fatpack with bonuses.

All of these items are shown in the Staging Stall by Salacity . A 3 sided room for photographers to set up scenes. You can change the textures for the columns, walls, and floor with the 36 texture change menu by touch. There are also 5 preset themes.

Satomi’s 2016 Blue Nights windlight

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