Not a Creature was Stirring..

Twisted Krissmuss Dec 1-Jan 2 is open and there are many fabulous items (including $100L exclusives), you can pick up for yourself or as a gift for someone else.  Some of those great items are shown in the picture above and made the perfect decor theme for our leisure room.
Little2Large–  A Christmas Surprise
 This festive little rat has a (possibly unpleasant) Christmas Surprise in his near future!
Magnum Opus  Christmas in Plaid Christmas Tree
The Christmas Tree is their 100L exclusive at the event. One of the hot new trends in decorating for the holidays. Also shown by Magnum Opus and available at the event, are the following:
Simple Wreathe is a new release
The Rug and the Christmas theme of the chair and stool are also new releases.
The “Nailed It!” item is a new subscriber gift and people are able to subscribe at Twisted Krissmuss
Merry Christmas Blocks
Let It Snow snow globe

Satomi’s 2017 Calm City Skyline

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