Magik Cabin

Such a magical forest and centered within was the witch’s cabin with the doors depicting the Tree of Life upon them.
Dragon Magick Wares – Elemental A-Frame
An exclusive at Winters Hollow Dec 14-31, this is a 2 story mesh home with a 17×25.5 footprint and is only 53 prims. There is a demo available so come check it out. Also at the event by Dragon Magick Wares , is the lovely Crystal Rug. This is 2 prims and includes a resize script. It is their 5L Gift!

Astara – Winter Snowglobe
This is another exclusive for Winters Hollow. It is 5li at standard size, includes snowflake lighting effects, a customization hud with 5 globe colors and 5 wood colors. It also includes resize features.

The Plastik – Runalla Candles

The Fantasy Collective December round exclusive, these beautiful 100% Custom Mesh, Copy, Modify, no trans, Hud controlled candle wax.

The Plastik– Tannenbaum Holli Platter

100% custom Mesh, Copy, Mod Comes with wearable cookies, platter gives cookies on touch. Seven colors included. This is an exclusive for Tannenbaum November 17-December 22
{Candle and Cauldron} – Witch Hearth
This Victorian inspired heart comes with 3 stage fire options, a texture hud,  and is materials enabled.
This is also an exclusive at Winters Hollow.

*Lunacy* // – Crystal Desire

These great crystals are copiable so you can set out several of them and with the texture change hud, can have different colors as well if you desire. This is also an exclusive at Winters Hollow.



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