In The Middle of the Night

One never knows what might be happening when all in the house are asleep. Or, are they?

Shopping List

Dekute Dekore – Gingerbread Yoga Pillows Gacha collection includes 14 pillows total with 4 RARES. You can find this on sale at Twisted Krissmuss’ 10th Anniversary SALE Dec 1-Jan 2 .
Dekute Dekore – Tyler Sofa & Chair Set  – Twisted Comes complete with couples and single animations. This is an exclusive at Twisted Krissmuss
Dekute Dekore – Plush Snowman Gacha Collection. The RARE  is a Bell Snowman which plays Carol of the Bells when touched. 6 total snowmen to collect. Also available at Twisted Krissmuss
Dekute Dekore – [Mesh] Paper Village . This great village Gacha collection includes a RARE Farmhouse which features on/off music box, and the Ultrarare is the complete linked set.
Dekute Dekore -1 Prim Christmas Tree – Frosted. This is an exclusive for Twisted Krissmuss
Dekute Dekore -Elegant Fireplace – Frosted Gold. This features an on/off fire plus sound, with a texture change menu. This is also an Exclusive at Twisted Krissmuss

The Plastik– Holidai Decor Collection Includes

– Chrimbus Frame Animal
-Chrimbus Frame Merry
-Greene Teapot Gilded
– Lacieana Mirror
-Masse Planter Short and Tall
-Raithea Wall Scounce and
-Raise Mirrors Full, Mid, Teeny
100% original mesh which is copy/mod

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