The Night Before Christmas

 Another great collection by Tylar’s Treasures.
The Night Before Christmas collection is an exclusive for Swank’s Winter Wonderland Event December 7-31
This collection consists of :
-The Night Before Christmas Drapes and Rug. This set of Christmas drapes and rug each have a texture change menu with 5 different patterns. It is copy so you can rez as many as you like.
-Night Before Christmas Fireplace and Decor. This Christmas fireplace comes with on/off flames option the brass firetools. There is a holly wreath and garland also included.
– Night Before Christmas Server with Decor. This Christmas server has the option to rezz Christmas decor including: Hot chocolate, gingerbread cookies and a wooden tabletop tree. You can rez them individually or all together.
-Night Before Christmas Tree with Sound.  This comes complete with the tree skirt and gifts underneath. It plays the song, Frosty the Snowman via on/off touch menu.
-Night Before Christmas Chair. This includes 6 female sits and 5 male sits.
-Night Before Christmas Astible Vases in Red and Green. This features a large vase with Astilbe plumes and a small Santa stick. Both red and green vases are included. There is also a version with a Rudolph stick instead.
-Night Before Christmas Couch. This includes pillows with a texture change menu containing 5 pattern choices. It also includes 2 slow dances, 8 couples animations (PG) and 10 (Adult) couples animations with 6 female/male sits.
– Night Before Christmas Coffee Table with Decor. This has been scripted to allow you to rez the decor of white poinsettias and candles.
Other items not shown in the collection include:
– Night Before Christmas Chaise Bento Adult and Night Before Christmas Ottoman.

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