Wintry Wonderland

.:Tylar’s Treasures:. has another wonderful set for us as an exclusive at Swank Jan 7-31. Each item is sold separately and together they are just amazing!
 1. WINTER WONDERLAND CASCADING POND BENTO CUDDLES  animated with 6 male/female single sits + sequence, 2 slow dances, and 6 bento cuddles + sequence. There is also an adult version available which in addition includes 8 bento multi speed adult animations + sequences. There is also a decor only version
2. LIGHTED DEER ON SNOWY ROCKS  – a beautiful decor item that goes with the scene.

3. CRYSTAL TREES WITH ICY GRASS  great addition to the set as well

4.  FROZEN CLIFF WITH POLAR BEAR ANIMATED  A cute little animated bear cub to keep you company.

5.  ANIMATED PEEK A BOO POLAR BEAR WITH SNOWDROPS This little bear wants to play peek a boo with you!

6.  WINTER WONDERLAND BED BENTO ADULT  animated with 2 slow dances, 4 male + 4 female single sits + sequences, 6 breakfast in bed + sequence, 6 bentoe cuddles + sequence, 9 bento multi speed adult + sequence and a 15 color texture change menu.

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