Work Study

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Shopping List

The Plastik –  Aulaie Mirrors
Several versions to choose from, these are also sold as a fatpack with bonus textures

The Plastik – Pell Candle

This comes with 5 great texture options. It is an exclusive at Boardwalk January 15-February 15
They are a sponsor at this event.

Salacity– Caliper Shelf
The shelf, made from oak, brass, and melamine, is only 3 LI and a stylish addition to any decor. You can place all sorts of items on this to make it your own for your space.

Salacity – Retro Radio

Divided into 3 sets with 4 colors each, the Retro Radio is a 1LI cutie that will add style and flair to any room. Scripted to work as a functioning radio (changing the parcel stream), it’s customizable to feature any channel/stream you want!

Salacity – Hule Industrial Table

This features an antique cast iron base, reclaimed and re-tooled with steel hardware and a stainless-steel surface (framed by cast steel sides). It offers a classy, retro industrial look. An exclusive at Chapter 4 January 4-31

Salacity -The Fidget Stool

This is wrought aluminum with cast steel hardware and a wooden seat. With 19 animations included, there are sitting options for Male, Female, and either. exclusive at Chapter 4
Fancy Decor – Desk Accessories
 Includes Mail Basket, Pencil Holder and Letter Opener to make your space look more realistic

Crate – Snake Plant Stand ~ Brown

 Is a wonderful compliment to your decor

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