The Salon

The beauty salon is ready for it’s first customer! Now, where’d I place those scissors?
More great stuff for you from Boardwalk January 15-February 15
%Percent (Event Sponsor)- Sally sconces
Brass and nickel versions included each comes with three light settings. Be aware: will not allow you to enlarge it much without raising the Li
%Percent (Event Sponsor)- Clifford sconces
Brass and nickel versions included each comes with three light settings.  Clifford sconce can be made quite a bit bigger without going up.
%Percent (Event Sponsor)- Marlene Vanity – Brass and nickel versions sold separately. Each comes with 2 versions – pale and ebony. It allows you to access the wear-ables through the menu, but it also allows you to access those items/animations by clicking the items on top of the vanity. The vanity and chair are 4Li. Each decor item is 1Li. With all items rezzed, the vanity and items come to 11Li.
Eclectic – Modern Magazine Table and Modern Landscape Art
Original mesh, texture change menu for table sling
Kei’s –  Multichair Bench Adult
All seats have singles animations
Seats 1 and 2 have cuddles and adult animations (female sits first or hit “swap”).
Seats 3 and 4 also have some synced chat/fight animations. Single and double pillows have 6 texture choices,
 – All of these items are shown in the Staging Stall by Salacity . A 3 sided room for photographers to set up scenes. You can change the textures for the columns, walls, and floor with the 36 texture change menu by touch. There are also 5 preset themes.

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