The Summerhouse

 What a wonderful spot to enjoy some time outdoors without having the sun beating down upon us.

Shopping List

(Sponsors in Bold Print)
Another great item at the Boardwalk January 15-February 15
Simple Reflections – Summer House in Blue
comes in two versions. Furnished or unfurnished.
The clematis vines and chandelier have texture changers so you can change the clematis blossoms (as well as the metal on the chandelier) and the slipper chairs have a texture changer so you can change the upholstered fabric on them.  You can buy the Summerhouse furnished or unfurnished, and in addition we do have the individual decor pieces sold separately in the booth/demo areas. It is 33Li  9.6 x 7.9 m if unfurnished. And if furnished is 42 Li which includes the slipper chairs, chandelier and flower table.
Also shown is the MoonFlower Shrub V1.2 by Little Branch. This is animated and 100% mesh. You can change the color of the flowers and it is also instant rez which helps to reduce lag. This can be found at their main store.

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