Home Tour Part 2

OK so now that we have had something to snack on, let’s keep checking out the new decor!

On to the living room..

Dench Designs – Scampton Set
Individually sold pieces include:
1. Frames
2. Shelving with texture change bags,
3. Scampton Seating and Rug with texture change options
4. Scampton Fireplace with rug which is texture change. Fire is on/off by touch.
Optional extra decor: fairy lights, dog, cat, rug, fireplace tools.  An exclusive at Boardwalk January 15-February 15
Vespertine – magazines folder 7
A set of magazines to read, part of a gacha collection.

Eclectic – Modern Magazine Table and Modern Landscape Art
Original mesh, texture change menu for table sling. Another great exclusive at Boardwalk 
Dictatorshop – Chateau Heart Chairs  – Mistress and Guest v1.0
This pack contains two different chairs Mistress & Guest.  The one with arms is a Mistress Chair just for Her.  The second sitter will be kneeling on the floor at her feet by default.  The chair is primarily adjusted for male sub/second sitter but it should work for females as well.  Over 100 quality animations in the Mistress Armchair. Three menus of individual sits for her (second sitter in default kneeling position if seated).  Chair Cuddles – couples sits with second sitter sitting on chair with Mistress in lap. Tender – tender couples with second sitter on the floor. Foot/Hands – manicure, pedicure and leg rubs, SitOnHim – use second sitter in place of the chair, Spanks – a little bit of discipline! UnSitSub – this button unsits the second sitter.  Useful for removing someone for dismissal or because there were uninvited. The Guest Chair compliments the Mistress Armchair but allows male or female sitters with 20 animations to choose from.

We even put some stuff in here for resting during the day. Grandfather’s safari memoirs even found a place in the room.
Raindale – Bridgwood daybed
20 solo and 20 couples animations + 27 more animations in adult edition. Texture options in HUD: 5 colors for wood, 10 colors for cover, 10 colours for seat, 10 colors for pillows (all 3 can be changed independently)! Another great exclusive at Boardwalk 

Salacity – Safari Set
The Safari Desk is an office to go. Packed in a suitcase-style trunk, with folding legs, it is ideal for organizing notes on your expedition and maintaining correspondence home. The desk comes also with a small set of tools to serve you.
The matching Safari Stool is also a highly portable seat, ready to lend a resting place by the fire, when watching for wildlife, or (naturally) at the Safari Desk. It has 14 animations.
Safari Set These handy items are available separately or in a set! This can be found in their mainstore.

Off to the dining room we go.

Petit Chat – Emma Set
This set includes :
Table ( 6 colors available)
Chairs / 6 animations (6 colors available)
Doily (texture change : 6 options)
Cake stand (texture change : 6 options)
Pieces sold separately. Fatpack of chair and fatpack of tables is also available. Another great exclusive at Boardwalk 

Salacity – Wood Art

Former Group Gift  (October 18)
*Spot On*   Heart Decorations Pack
Animated Pulsing Neon Heartbeat (shown in bedroom picture)
Heart Decoration – Pink  also available in red. Twinkling animated lights to enjoy. Another great exclusive at Boardwalk 

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