New Bedroom with Style

We have a great new bedroom look thanks to some fantastic items from Dictatorshop . The dog sure enjoys the new bed, hope se knows she will have to go to her kennel before bedtime!

Dictatorshop – Chateau Heart Chairs  – Mistress and Guest v1.0
This pack contains two different chairs Mistress & Guest.  The one with arms is a Mistress Chair just for Her.  The second sitter will be kneeling on the floor at her feet by default.  The chair is primarily adjusted for male sub/second sitter but it should work for females as well.  Over 100 quality animations in the Mistress Armchair. Three menus of individual sits for her (second sitter in default kneeling position if seated).  Chair Cuddles – couples sits with second sitter sitting on chair with Mistress in lap. Tender – tender couples with second sitter on the floor. Foot/Hands – manicure, pedicure and leg rubs, SitOnHim – use second sitter in place of the chair, Spanks – a little bit of discipline! UnSitSub – this button unsits the second sitter.  Useful for removing someone for dismissal or because there were uninvited. The Guest Chair compliments the Mistress Armchair but allows male or female sitters with 20 animations to choose from.

Dictatorshop – Verve Bed Adult
An exclusive at Swank February 7-28. It is priced 20% off during the event and also available in a PG version. The Adult Version includes adult couples and threesome animations. The PG bed is suitable for everyone with no adult content. Each come with a texture menu which  includes 12 fabrics, 8 legs and 15 leather and presets

Dictatorshop –  Contempo Coffee Table
Comes in three varieties (sold separately) to allow you to pick just what you need. Color changer with 6 metal and 5 glass choices. Autorezzing props. This comes in an adult version containing 120 animations featuring PG couples sits, lounges ,dances as well as adult. There is also a PG version (single sitter suitable for everyone), which contains 60 quality animations – single sitter only.
There is also a simple Decor version with texture change menu but no animations included.
These are exclusive at  Cosmopolitan Event January 28 – February 9th.

[Rezz Room] – Bulldog Puppy Sit
This is part of a really cute gacha collection at the Gacha Garden. The collection includes 8 commons and 1 rare prize.

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