Not Vanilla Love

Twe12ve is open again and with it comes this month’s theme :Kinky. So, I put together some of the risque items you can find at the event, along with some at the other events happening now by Evil Bunny Productions. 4 events happening at once right now! Also to add a classy touch to the scene is a furniture/decor set by Plastik. Read on for more information.
Khargo – BDSM tip jar
Has sign in capabilities, great for fetish sims or DJs who like a bit of spice in their tip jars. This is an exclusive for  Twe12ve’s Fetish round February 12-28 WE12VE February
Zero Fcks Given Home – Safe Word gacha
This gacha collection has 12 different marquee signs to collect, each with a different kinky saying. This is an exclusive at The Gacha Life February 5-28. There is also a gift marquee sign for only 10L.
The Plastik – Lovela Collection
Includes Coffe Couch, Mari Mirror, Earlgrey Candlabra and Yuonne teapot in lovely red textures for a classy look.
Dictatorshop –  Contempo Coffee Table
Comes in three varieties (sold separately) to allow you to pick just what you need. Color changer with 6 metal and 5 glass choices. Autorezzing props. This comes in an adult version containing 120 animations featuring PG couples sits, lounges ,dances as well as adult. There is also a PG version (single sitter suitable for everyone), which contains 60 quality animations – single sitter only.
There is also a simple Decor version with texture change menu but no animations included.They have a sale happening now in their store as well February 10-15
.:Short Leash:. –  Kinky Conversation Hearts
This cute yet sexy decor item is an exclusive in The Stupid Cupid Hunt 7. It includes 2  items in the pack (box and scattered candy decor)

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