Gifts of the Heart

 Love is…coming home to a beautiful setting for no reason at all than to say “I love you”
~The Green Door~ – Valentine Balloons – Opaque
This is a gift at the Gacha Garden February 2019
Roawenwood – Champagne & Strawberries Deco Tray
Nice looking tray for two adds that great detail to your romantic decor
KMDC – Wall Scroll – Love is  Calligraphy
 1 of 3 different wall scrolls to choose from which are exclusives at Garden of Shadows – My Dark Valentine February 15-28. Here you will find lots of fine clothes, shoes, tattoos, skins, eyes, shapes, poses and hairs. plus $10L Gifts!
Dictatorshop –  Valentines Ladies Chaise
This is on sale exclusively at Cosmopolitan February 11-23 and are 20% off during the event. Comes in PG (136 animations), Adult (238 Animations), or Adult Kink versions (345 animations). There are five presets as well as options to change the fabrics and frames separately allowing you to mix and match at your whim.

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