The Den

Lots of fantastic finds for you to enjoy and put together like we did for the den. Our pom pom sure does like that chair!
The Plastik– Pollini Star Mirror
Thre are 3 mirror surface options available and 12 different frame textures to choose from also available in a fatpack. This is an exclusive at Soiree February 20 – March 19
Salacity – Not Your Grandfather’s Wingback Chair is available in both adult and PG versions. The Adult version has 42 animations for solo and couples use, including a set of lapdances. Optional pillows and blanket “hide”. XCite & Sensations compatible. The PG version has 17 solo and couples animations. The chair has luscious brown leather with brass tacks, as well as two pillows and a blanket. (The pillows and blanket can be hidden, and a second version without them entirely is also included.)
Salacity – Retro Radio
Divided into 3 sets with 4 colors each (that’s 12 color variations!), the Retro Radio is a 1LI cutie that will add style and flair to any room.  Scripted to work as a functioning radio (changing the parcel stream), it’s customizable to feature any channel/stream you want!

Salacity – Mellow Mushroom Lamp

This was a group gift it is exclusively available to members of the in-world store group December 2018(be sure to join their group for future gifts).
Salacity – Planet Orbs Decor
A great decor item to add that bit of detail to a table top or shelf
Salacity – Casual Stripes Rug
Resizeable rug to add to your in home decor

Salacity – Manchester Coffee Table

20th century contemporary styled table with rich walnut surfaces and brass legs.
JIAN – Puff Pups RARE :: Sleepy Puff
Part of a really cute Gacha collection with 14 commons and 2 rares in collection. Wearable companion pets and 1 rezzed decor puff. Scripted resize, animation and sound options.

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