Angelic Get Together

We are having a little get together to discuss all things divine and what is more divine than cupcakes ooo and fudge! hmmm?
{ collect } – Divine Spring Set
Includes side table and fan art, this is a hunt gift for the Twisted – Divine Hunt – Divine March 1-31

Dekute Dekore – has a couple of items shown here for the Twisted – Divine Hunt. The Divine Oil Painting Gacha collection, prizes include with 2 rares, 1 Ultrarare and 9 commons. Shown are Divine Oil Painting – Sentinel  and Divine Oil Painting – Valor . Their gift is the Divine Sofa and Chair set, includes couple and single animations.

Magnum Opus – The Last Supper
This is a great decor item and is a hunt gift for the  Twisted – Divine Hunt

Simply Designed has a side hunt going as well for the  Twisted – Divine Hunt. Shown are 3 of the extra hunt prizes Divinity Fudge, White Chocolate Fae Cupcakes, and Drunken Angel yum yum.

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