Outdoor Coffee Shop

The days are getting warmer so we decided to set up a great spot to sit outside and soak in some sun while enjoying coffee and snacks.
[Merak] – Drinks Trunk Cabinet  Available in 3 versions, black, white, or blue. Includes the trunk cabinet, whiskey bottle,champagne and wine glasses, champagne bucket and napkins
Salacity – Coffee Shop Collection
Parts of this collection (sold separately), include:
 The Coffee Cup Chair, a one-of-a-kind chair that has some great animations and props for hanging out and RP. Also plenty of colors for the seat!
 The Cafe Table matches the chair perfectly, or stands on its own! Also loaded with plenty of colors (and by the way, the colors are all coffee drink colors).
The Table Umbrella, which has four different colors of canvas and fits exactly into the table and set.
To complement these, there is the set of food and service pieces for a cafe setting. A tray, plate, coffee mug, muffin, donut, and hamburger. These come with a couple of options, including a wearable version of the tray (with animation).
Also alongside the above, two signs that add a final touch. One hangs on the wall. The other is a sandwich board style, with different options for the messages.
Salacity – Keepsake Boxes
They come in two sets, each for L$50. Primary colors or Pastels.

Zero Fcks Given – Waddle and Hoppy Signs

These these whimsical signs can be found at Spring Market @ Cookie Jar March 2-April 2

Little Branch – OrangeBlossom Tree
The beautiful Orange Blossom tree 100% Original Mesh , 4 seasons animates, are set at the mainstore under discount for the in store weekly discount.

The animals shown are all creations by JIAN
– Dove Set which includes companion, held, wanderer, placer and even a cage. A floating text naming option and sound/animation toggle
– Munchkin Kittens gacha collection which has 5 different companion, 5 wanderer and 5 held versions to win as well as 2 different RAREs. This was a collection formally at Lootbox.
– Chubby Cat Bird Bus includes 3 versions, companion, wanderer and held. 3 coat choices, floating text naming option and sound/animation toggle
Also shown is
Magnum Opus – Flowering Bushes (Blue)
Dixie Dandelion – Bush Pink Flower W Watering Can and
– Bush Blue Flower W Watering Can

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