Peacock Room

Welcome to our home where we are doing a room by room tour (keep in touch for previous and upcoming posts). Everything shown is on sale at the Second Life Home and Garden Expo.
Shopping List(Sponsors in Bold Print)
This is one of several beautiful art pieces by Etamae which are being sold at the  Second Life Home and Garden Expo.
Here’s a bit about the Artist Etamae.
Born and bred in the UK Etamae first began taking pictures and turning those picture into art in 2018. Since then she has enjoyed some success with exhibits at various venues as well as supporting the very worthwhile Home & Garden/Relay for Life expo.
You can regularly find Etamae underwater or staring with great intensity at something quite ordinary (as if there is anything can be called ordinary in this double click world!) and that is exactly what is at the crux of her artwork, ‘the ordinary, and then she enjoys  changing it into something else – not more – simply different
This particular series centered around the D/s dynamics was inspired by the amazingly talented Mistero Hifeng who has given an ‘okay’ to his work being used as her inspiration. You can find her gallery on Hope Sim 6
– Peacock Themed Clock A 50% Donation item at RFL Home & Garden Expo. This comes with hover on/off, ability to change time zones, menu driven and modifiable textures.

– Tree Branch Table Lamp This is a hunt gift at the expo. It comes with auto light or click on/off option.
– Peacock Lace Sofa Exclusive 50L Sits up to 3, multiple animations, includes nap time
 – Full Perm Center Fireplace This is a 50% RFL Home & Garden Expo Donation item. It includees textures
You can find them on Hope Sim 6

Partners in Crime -Elsie’s decor Hearts}
A great decor item to add to your decor. This also an exclusive at the Expo. You can find them on Hope Sim 6

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