He Loves Flowers

The Wash – Spring Has Sprung Cart Sale is OPEN and will run from March 20-April 10! Sooo much to see and purchase for cheap! 10L, 25L, and 50L items at the designer booths!. And the quality is still great even at these low prices, so come snag up some goodness. There are home and garden items as well as fashion, makeup, etc.

 Shopping List

All below can be found at the sale!
Dark Knight Designs
– Continental Breakfast Tray 25L Item
– Jug Roses (peach, pink, or lavender) 10L Item
– Reclaimed Mud Room Bench 50L
 – Wellington Boot Tulips – yellow, Pink, Red  25L
– Spring Birds wood art 10L
– Lilies of the Valley 10L
 – Rose Trio 10L
– Glazed Jug Tulips – lavenders 25L
Storax Tree 
– Goodwin Side Table B11
-Goodwin Settee B11 25L PG props and animations Li 8 and resize script
-Goodwin Coffee Table B11 25L touch on/off candles, li 8 and resize script
-Area Round Rug A103 10L Li3 resize script
-Wired Planter Daffodil B6  10L Li 4 resize script
-Goodwin Side Table D11 25L Touch candle on/off flame, li 5 resize script
-Goodwin Side Table B11 25L touch lamp wick on/off flame, Li 8 resize script
-Goodwin Ceiling Fan B11 25L Touch on/off light and on/off fan blades, resize script Li is 3
]Wired Planter Daffodil C2 10L Li 4 resize script
]Area Round Rug A104 10L Li3 resize script
[Rezz Room] – Bulldog Puppy Sit
This is part of a really cute gacha collection. The collection includes 8 commons and 1 rare prize.

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