Tour of our Beach Cottage 1

What a great house to come home to and enjoy the waves from the beach at the same time. Truly blessed here.
 Moco Homes Emporium – Clam Bay beach cottage v1
  This home has a land impact of 140 with lock options on the doors. A great home for land with a view. This is available at RFL Second Life Home and Garden Expo open now until April 6 You can find their booth on Hope Sim 5
– Spring’s Rest
100% mesh, 5 poses in each stump, 12 Li
-Birch Forest
There is also a large version which is 22 Li while the small is 11Li. Both are 100% mesh
– Purple Tulip Field
This is a 100% mesh animated field it is copy/mod and 1Li per field.
All are exclusives at The Home and Garden Expo. You can find them on Hope Sim 6
– Flower Pot People
Their 50% Donation item at the Expo, these cute little folks are full perm.
– Little Park 4
5Li, sits 2 on the bench and includes nature sounds. This is their 50L exclusive at the Expo.
– Metal Garden Snail Light
This is part of the gacha collection at the Expo which can be played 50L with a 10% chance to win the snail. A great way to decorate your yard and contribute to a great cause at the same time!
You can find them over on Hope Sim 6



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