Tour of Our Beach House Part 2

On a previous post we showed you the outside of this great Clam Bay beach cottage by  Moco Homes Emporium. You can see that post HERE. Now we are going to explore the inside a bit with more fantastic furnishings by designers at the  RFL Second Life Home and Garden Expo open now until April 6 .
 Starting downstairs we have a regular art gallery happening as I couldn’t just decide on only a couple of these incredible pictures by The Lost Unicorn Gallery. You will see several here in the pictures and even more if you visit their booth at the Expo on Hope Sim 6. Shown in the pictures are:
-Imagination is the Only Weapon in the War Against Reality
-Music and Lights
-It Simply Isn’t an Adventure Worth Telling If There are No Dragons
-Forest of Dreams
-Faun Spotting
-Faerie Friends
-Faerie Dust Makes the Flowers Beautiful
-Dragon Mist
All created by Natalie Montagne
 As we enter you can great furnishings created by:
-The Noir Rose Table Set comes with the great accessories seen upon it.
-The Noir Rose Armchair Set includes armchair with 9 animations and ottoman with 4 animations.
Both of these great items can be found on Hope Sim 5
-Vindustria Decor – Round Table v1
-Vindustria Decor – Round Shelf v1
These two non scripted items match the Vindustria living room and bedroom sets. They are currently available exclusively at the Expo with 100% of the proceeds going to fight cancer.
Both items are L$ 195 each. You can find them on Hope Sim 5
Hanging above the front door is wall art by Partners in Crime called  Elsie’s decor Stars. The candle holders are 3 prims and the light decoration is 2 prims. They can be found on Hope Sim 6.
Also seen downstairs is:
 =EC Designs= -Port Hole Clock – Lakefront
This clock is part of a gacha collection of great clocks. These clocks keep accurate time, which can be set to any time that is desired simply by changing the hour up or down.  There is also one version which allows the center to be changed to any image desired, just by dragging the image to the center and dropping it there. You can find them on Hope Sim 2 which is the gacha area for the expo.
 – Helvig Coffee Table
This has a Li of 1 and comes in a great neutral color for adding to your decor.
– Helvig Hallway Tidy
The matching Tidy has an Li of 1 as well.
You can find these items on Hope Sim 6

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