Touch of Fantasy

The Wash – Spring Has Sprung Cart Sale is OPEN and will run from March 20-April 10! Sooo much to see and purchase for cheap! 10L, 25L, and 50L items at the designer booths!. And the quality is still great even at these low prices, so come snag up some goodness. There are home and garden items as well as fashion, makeup, etc.
Dark Knight Designs-
 – Jug Roses – lavender10L Items:
– Jug Roses – pink 10L Items:
– Glazed Jug Tulips – pink 25L Item
– (Spring Tea Set)
 This little tea set looks like it was made from hollowed out acorns and is the perfect finishing touch to the entire set. A 10L item
-(Spring Table)
This table has spring flowers on its surface which match the chairs (see below for chairs).  This would be perfect in any spring setting or fairy garden. A 10L item
-(Spring Leaf Signs)
 These cute sign posts come in both versions shown, with and without text on them.  A 10L item
-(Spring Chair)
  These chairs match the table above and are animated with male and female sitting poses. A 25L item
-(Spring Bridge)
This bridge has male and female sitting and standing animations, as well as couple cuddle  animations. A 25L item
-(Spring Bench)
These benches have male and female sitting animations, and couple cuddle animations. A 25L item
-(Spring Arch)
This arch has male and female standing animations, and couple cuddle animations.  The lights turn on and off with a click. A 25L item
 – Lilly & Tree Fawns Grouping comes with animated deer and is a 50L item
– Moroccan Candle & Ivy Lamp is resieable and it is a 25L item
Also shown are some great landscaping items by  Little Branch
-The  Hibiscus Shrub is animated 100% mesh with 2 Seasons option. This is an exclusive at Bloom by Prism Events.
– The Red Bud Tree.v2 is also animated, 100% mesh, and comes with a 4 seasons texture change hud. This is an exclusive at Boardwalk March 15 – April 15
-The Oak Grass is 100% mesh.Available at the main store.

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