You Never Outgrow Dollhouses

 I have always loved dollhouses when I was growing up, a passion that never left me. I still enjoy looking at all the miniature furnishings. Though my hobbies have grown up, collecting dollhouses remains one of my favorites of all. You never outgrow a dollhouse!
Little,Big Design has some amazing dollhouses for us at the Second Life Home and Garden Expo open now until April 6! 10 sims full of amazing creations by some of SL’s very best Home and Garden Designers. There’s even a hunt and gacha machines! Classes and entertainment too! See the website for calendar of events.
 Each of these dollhouses are highly detailed and have an amazing Li as well! A style to fit everyone’s decor, from Gothic to Pink and in between. Even a great Christmas version which is a donation item at the expo.
Shown are the –
 2018 Gingerbread House with only 8Li this is one of their great RFL Donation Items. It is fully furnished and animated as are all of their dollhouses. These amazing dollhouses along with many others can be found over on Hope Sim 9  
 Next is the 2019 Victorian Doll House with only 10 Li, the amount of details in these dollhouses just blows my mind.
And here is the 2019 Gothic Doll House with only 9 Li! And yes, also fully furnished and animated.
Even the Fullsize 1724 Workshop shown here, is available as a donation item with 204 Li!

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