The Dorm Room

I’m was so amazed that the Aidan is keeping his dorm room clean when I popped in for a surprise visit yesterday! Good job pup!
ELLAs –  3 Books and Shelves
Can be purchased as a fat pack or separately in dark or light options.In the collection is:
Ladder Shelf Dark -ladder shelf dark with books – 11LI
ladder shelf dark – 4 LI
Framed Shelves
framed shelf bird right
framed shelf bird left
framed shelf magnolia
framed shelf blank1
framed shelf  blank2
2LI each
Books Sideboard Set –
books sideboard dark 9LI
mug and books decor2 – 3LI
bird and magnolia pillows – 2LI
All these can be found at Boardwalk March 15 – April 15
Salacity — Elizabeth
This is a beautiful build from reclaimed antique cherry with a cozy quilt and throw pillows. Fully animated with solo, couples cuddles, and M/F, M/M, and F/F sex animations.
This is an exclusive at Boardwalk March 15 – April 15
– Pumpkin Pouf
Includes 4 animations and many texture options in this cute little pouf
– Dripping Vases
3 sizes, each with 12 different texture options
Both are exclusives as well at  Boardwalk
Salacity — The Dorm Desk is a simple, 4 drawer student desk with 4 color options (unfinished or painted white, blue, or pink). It’s just 4 prims LI and fits exactly with the rest of the set.
The Dorm Desk Chair matches perfectly with the desk (offering the same color/finish options), and a host of animations for sitting and RP.
These are available individually or as a set!
These can be found at the RFL Second Life Home and Garden Expo open now until April 6 
The booth can be found on Hope Sim 4
by Chiana Oh – The Angel of the North Picture
The Angel of the North’ is an edited version of a RL photo the designer took in Gateshead (UK), where the sculpture is.
Some about this piece of art from the designer:
This massive sculpture was designed by Antony Gormley and is 20m tall with a wingspan of 54m. Its position overlooks a busy road in the North East of the UK and it’s become a major tourist attraction since its completion in 1998. You can read more about it here:
This is also an exclusive for the RFL Second Life Home and Garden Expo and can be found on Hope Sim 1

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