The Study

A great place to work on the blog, surrounded by lots of leather furnishings and of course our favorite dogs.

 Sahi Designs is at the RFL Second Life Home and Garden Expo open now until April 6   with some fantastic items for us.
Shown here is the The Executive Den – Cedar Mini Pack 1, the donation item, which includes desk, square rug, bookcase, floor globe, chandelier,  arm chair w/ blanket and
The Executive Den – Cedar Mini Pack 2 which includes  the executive portrait of the ladies,  arm chair, fireplace,  round rug, arm chair w/ blanket , torchiere pole, and butler table.

They come in 3 wood options, with lots of texture changing available for the fabrics. They come in both PG and ADULT ratings,  100% donation for the PG and 50% for the ADULT versions go to RFL.
These mini packs are exclusive for the expo and then after the expo the mini packs will never be available again. The full set however will then go up for sale in the main store. During the expo, these packs are discounted at 20% off if you buy both. Mini Pack 1 is the donation item which includes

They can be found on Hope Sim 5

Also shown are the dachshunds from the Sau Motorcycles Tooldog -naked set. This includes 3 copiable dachshunds in various poses there to keep you company.

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